Well gang another week of work is over and since I have no plans to visit the big city this weekend I won’t be riding the train for a couple of days.

The trains in our nation’s capital is, I’m sorry to have to say, a disgrace. They break down constanly, and arrive at stations on a regular basis smelling like their brakes are on fire. The other day I was late to work because a train pulled in but the doors on the car didn’t even open before leaving again. Oh, and did I mention there was a derailment a few months back?

My biggest grievance about the train though is that DC is pretty straight laced which usually means a dearth of weirdos.

But not on Thursday!

On my way in to work I looked up from my book and saw a young lady applying her mascara with a spoon. A spoon! I could hardly believe my eyes and glanced around to see if anyone else noticed. From what I could tell I was the only one who had which was also baffling. I felt like Flounder from The Little Mermaid watching Ariel show off all the crap she had collected from the surface world.

After work that day I had the good fortune to look up and notice another oddball. Seated a few rows towards the front of the train with his back to me was a guy wearing a hat adorned with the word titties. Caught completely off guard I wasn’t sure what to think. On one hand I admired his fashion choice because this was a guy who obviously didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought of him. I mean why else would you wear a hat like that?

Conversely this guy looked like an idiot. I mean you could justify that hat if there were a band called The Titties, or even if was supporting a cause like saving titties. That was not the case though. Just titties.


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