I’m taking a break from writing about Pizzagate so I’ll share a fun story from my time in the navy.

I was stationed on the USS Iwo Jima, an amphibious assault ship named after the World War 2 battle. One of my deployments was to the Caribbean and Latin America, and on one occasion I had the privilege of visiting Costa Rica. I wish I could say we went somewhere like San Juan, but that was not the case. You see when the Navy pulls in somewhere its usually some rinky dink place no one’s ever heard of, and all I know is we were on the Atlantic side.

When a ship is in a foreign port the sailors are allowed to go on liberty. Liberty is time off ship and can be pretty fun. In my experience foreign countries are ripe with opportunities to have weird and memorable adventures.

The only bad thing is there is a curfew. It changes with rank but majority of those on board have to be back by midnight. A little background first though for anyone who has never served on a ship. When you leave or return you walk across whats known as the quarterdeck. The quarterdeck is manned 24/7 in port making sure anyone crossing has the proper credentials.

Anyways, people are always coming and going but right before curfew expires there is a mass rush to return and the quarterdeck can get rather hectic from the crush of humanity. Well on one particular night after the crowd dispersed someone on watch noticed something. Something someone had left behind. It was a human turd.

No one knows where it came from and if I told you it was my only story about mystery shit during my time in service I’d be lying.


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