Fun commute this morning. The train had its weekly breakdown because as I’ve mentioned previously the DC metro is a disgrace.

I wasn’t late which is a minor miracle but I was still upset when I arrived. You see I ran into a guy with one of the dumbest haircuts I’ve ever seen.

To be fair my hairline is receding which is probably why I’m so outraged when I see a terrible haircut. To quote George Costanza “that’s like using a wheelchair for the fun of it!”

He was a handsome guy and dressed well which made his ‘do that much more egregious. The only scenario I could imagine was he saw himself in the mirror and thought he looked too good so decided to butcher himself. How to even describe the abomination on his head? Imagine reverse horseshoe pattern baldness or the lovechild between a bowl and crew cut.

Anyways, this guy looked like a World War I air force pilot and I got a good laugh this morning. There’s not much more to say so I’m going to close with a pun.

What do you call a clam that’s into boys and girls? A…bivalve


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