Well the internet man-baby crowd was up in arms again this weekend. What did they have a grievance with this time? Star Wars. I wish I were making this up but unfortunately I am not. Specifically they are upset that the newest addition to the saga, Rogue One, boasts a cast that is much too diverse and therefore is a threat to whiteness. Once again I wish I were making this up.

Small minded troglodytes on the web have been using the hashtag #DumpStarWars to bad mouth the movie labeling it as anti-American and liberal propaganda. All of this is stupid for a variety of reasons that I will now elaborate on.

1. Star Wars is anti-American? I’m not really even sure what this is supposed to mean which is never the benchmark of a good argument. I would humor the idea that Star Wars isn’t American at all but that isn’t a bad thing per se. George Lucas (an American) may have written and directed the original movie but all the movies have featured foreign born actors and actresses prominently.

Something else to consider is Rogue One won’t debut in China until January where it will make a quote unquote buttload of money. If Disney reaping huge profits off of the Chinese isn’t American then dammit I don’t know what is!

2. My next grievance has to do with the idea that whiteness is under attack from this movie. Let me clarify something…white people are not a race. Humans are a race. That is why people who don’t like one another can have children together. Dogs for example are another race. If you were to hump a dog (and unfortunately there are those out there who do try) you can not reproduce with one. I would have thought this was common knowledge but the internet has proven me wrong once again.

3. Finally I’d like to point out that Star Wars has always been diverse. These are movies about galactic alliances and traveling through space. Some of the most memorable characters are aliens. Yes, I know this isn’t the same as having a multi-ethnic cast but the message of tolerance and cooperation is still there if you know where to look. If you’re too small minded to watch Star Wars you might as well bitch and moan about something as innocuous as a Muppet movie for hardly featuring real people at all.

I close on this note. According to CNN Money Rogue One made $290 million dollars since opening this weekend, and even this is a point of contention. Apparently this is $100 million dollars less than last year’s The Force Awakens (which also infuriated the neckbeard crowd for featuring a strong female character) in a leading role. I’m going to quote the Gizmodo article I ripped off much of my information from when I say “$290 million is about the best kind of failure you could hope for.”


2 thoughts on “Rogue One

  1. Security alert: A hacker ran a malicious script on your website replacing the word ‘species’ with ‘race’ in an attempt to ruin your credibility.


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