I know that 2016 has been a very divisive year but can we all agree that people who use luggage instead of backpacks are the worst?  I don’t know how long people have been doing this but I first noticed the phenomenon in high school. I remember one day I looked down and there was some idiot in front of me dragging a Samsonite behemoth behind them. My reaction then was the same as it is today…a strong desire to stomp on them as hard as possible.

OK so I realize I’m being a tad harsh. Some people have legitimate reasons for dragging their shit around. I don’t expect someone missing an arm, or a hunchback to carry a backpack. The rest of these people are public menaces.

I refuse to believe I am over-reacting to these infuriating luggage people. What do they hope to accomplish? There is no way dragging luggage around is more comfortable than wearing a backpack or messenger bag and why are they bringing so much crap to work anyways? I carry my lunch, a couple notebooks, a water bottle and something to read. What more does someone need to survive eight hours in an office?

My enduring disgust with their lifestyle choices is not helped by having to put up with them on public transportation everyday either. It doesn’t get any better once I get to work either as I have to deal with these na’er-do’wells negotiating the confines of an escalator with their burdens. And if two of them get alongside one another you can forget passing them. You’re better off laying on the floor and waiting for death.

In conclusion ff you are reading this and are a rolly bag person I urge you to rethink your life. You are ruining the lives of myself and everyone else around you. I believe you can be saved but ultimately the choice is yours to become a decent human being. Please do the right thing.


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