Are you guys aware some scientists are studying whether our reality is actually a computer simulation? This is really a thing and you can read about it here if you’re interested.

Personally, I’m not convinced but if it is I definitely saw a glitch in the matrix this morning. When I boarded my train I noticed some dude sitting on a seat close to the door. He didn’t stand out but for whatever reason I remembered him. Anyways, I sat down and read until I had to get off and switch trains. When I got on another train the same guy was seated where he had been on my previous train! Or was he?

Another possibility is that reality is not a simulation but I bumped into a clone. The other day while skulking around the bowels of the internet I came the website of a guy named Donald Marshall. Donald Marshall for the uninitiated (read: sheeple) is a self-described former Illuminati insider turned whistle blower.

Quick tangent: I would love for someone to give me their business card and these credentials were on it.

According to Marshall (who himself is a clone), the Illuminati use elite scientists to create identical human clones. This makes sense for a couple of reasons. Elite scientists are the obvious choice because your run of the mill scientist is obviously too much of a dipshit to perform the science right. The clones have to be identical because otherwise they couldn’t be clones.

If your brain hasn’t exploded yet please keep reading.

Most of the clones are of celebrities and important figures that can be used for stand-ins of government officials and other big wigs. However some clones are spies. I’m guessing Marshall falls into this category because who the hell is he to merit cloning? This would also explain the guy on the train. Far as I could tell he was just some working stiff, but that’s the perfect cover! Don’t you see? I live in Washington D.C where secrets abound! He’s riding the Metro espionaging the shit out of us!

Finally, with much reluctance I admit the whole thing could have been a coincidence. This guy might have gotten off and switched trains before I did. I don’t pay much attention to my surroundings during my commute. I’m also reading a particularly engrossing book (Dashiell Hammett’s Red Harvest) which probably doesn’t help. We’ll just have to wait and see whether an Illuminati operative bumps me off if there’s any truth to this.

P.S. Don’t trust anyone including yourself. You might be a clone…of yourself!!!


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