A few days ago was the 25th anniversary of George H.W. Bush barfing in the lap of Japanese Prime Minister Kimchi Miyazawa. The wikipedia page about the incident is home to one of the best sentences I have ever readIt is the only documented occurrence to date of a U.S. President vomiting on a foreign dignitary.”

Speaking of the Japanese and George H.W. I must go on a tangent and discuss the Chichi Jima incident during World War II. At the time a young H.W. was a naval aviator who along with the rest of his squadron were shot down over the Bonin Islands. Bush was the only member of his squadron not to have been captured by the Japanese. The captured aviators were all beaten, executed and, if the rumors are true…eaten! How incredible is that? Say what you want about George Bush but this is a pretty incredible story. I don’t have school age children but if I ever do my grievances about their education will focus on this not being taught during their history classes.
Anyways, I posted something about this on Facebook the other day and a friend of mine chimed in that it reminded him of George W. Bush having his poop harvested during a visit to Austria in 2008. My friend is a pretty level headed guy, (graduate of the prestigious Western Illinois University and a high-powered lawyer in a mid-size Midwestern city) but I questioned his sanity and called him out on his nonsense. I was wrong to do so because…THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

A special toilet accompanied W. on his trip to the Alpine nation along with toilet paper and specially prepared food. His scat and splash was preserved to be flown back to the United States to prevent a foreign intelligence service from intercepting his leavings. This is the world we live in folks!

Apparently there was precedent for being wary of a turd burgle. The Mossad pilfered Syrian President Havez Assad’s crap while in Jordan for the funeral of King Hussein. The CIA, no stranger to dirty work, has gotten in on the fun a couple times as well. They snatched up Mikhail Gorbachev’s KGB-M’s and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s dumps.

Anyone interested can read the entire shitty article here:



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