This week at work I’ve been spending time in our studio learning the finer points of portraiture. From time to time big-wigs and other assorted people stop by to have their official photo taken.

My experience taking these photos reminded me of one of my stupider encounters with an idiot I used to work with during my Navy days…the infamous trash can shitter (anyone not familiar with the trash can shitter can read about him here

Anyways, TCS needed official photos for a package he was submitting. For the non-military types a package is basically a resume for specific duty stations. Anyways, TCS had his photos taken but he wasn’t happy with the end result. Why? Well he was a man child who always had some issue or another. After TCS had his photo taken he was looking at them when he noticed a problem. His belt wasn’t run through all its loops. Now, the problem is he dressed himself. A grown man. A grown man couldn’t put a belt through all the loops in his pants.

Making matters worse instead of admitting he’s a dip-shit who needed lessons in putting on clothes he decided to blame the photographer. The cherry on top of this turd sundae was instead of doing the reasonable thing and re-taking his photo he photoshopped more loops.

In other news today is a pretty big day in the history of conspiracy theories. Today in 1945 Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first city to add fluoride to their water.


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