Well today is the Superbowl so I should probably write something about that. Before I do though I wanted to mention the book I started reading this morning, The Dragon Syndicate: The Global Phenomenon of the Triads by Martin Booth.

I haven’t read much thus far but what I’ve gotten through has been pretty good. My favorite part far has been about a eunuch uprising which took place in a palace. The book mentions specifically that the eunuchs who rose up were palace eunuchs which makes me wonder just how many types of eunuchs there were running around ancient China. Another fun fact is that these eunuchs had been riled up by something called the, I shit you not, Hung Society.

Ok…now to football. Fair warning this post isn’t going to be about the game itself but rather nonsense surrounding the game. You have been warned.

Here’s something you should know. The Falcons and Patriots ranked 1 and 2 in paid patriotic advertisement courtesy of the Pentagon (http://deadspin.com/a-reminder-that-the-falcons-and-patriots-were-no-1-and-1792017426) . Between 2012 and 2015 these two teams received more military funding for patriotic displays than the rest of the league. This is a travesty. Not that these teams are playing in the Super Bowl, but that it happens at all. Its shameful that the military tries to disguise propaganda as a feel good moment and the NFL is perhaps more reprehensible for letting them get away with it. In the NFL’s defense it is one of the most despicable organizations around so it should probably come as no surprise its up to no good. I’ve gone on the record before saying I hate everything about the league except the games. I can understand how that might be perplexing but think of it this way…just because someone is pro-choice doesn’t mean they stand outside abortion clinics high-fiving every woman who walks out.

Here’s another fun fact.. Did you know Vladimir Putin has a Super Bowl Ring? He stole one from Patriots owner Bob Kraft during a 2005 visit to Russia. Kraft was showing off the ring (valued at $250,000) and Putin pocketed the bauble before walking out accompanied by some KGB buddies. Kraft, at the urging of a White House official later claimed he gave the ring away as a gift to the Russian people. Personally I am not a fan of Putin’s (or a dictator apologist in general. They are out there living among us!) but I applaud him for this. (http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/patriots-robert-kraft-vladimir-putin-stole-my-super-bowl-ring/)

In conclusion…fuck the Patriots.


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