Well gang I worked this weekend. I didn’t have to but I decided since I now have a big boy job maybe I should show some ambition for the first time in my life and go above and beyond what’s expected of me.

Anyways I was assigned to cover a wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of Medal of Honor Day. I didn’t count those in attendance but I’d say there were about a dozen MOH recipients in attendance and it was a pretty humbling experience. I’ve discussed veterans at length before and for the most part I’m indifferent when someone tells me they are a veteran. This is because I am a veteran myself and have been on the inside. Its not that I don’t think veterans deserve respect I’m just bothered by our society indoctrinating people to put service members on a pedestal. I realize I’m probably coming across as a hypocrite because I plan every Veteran’s Day around free meals but it gets a little ridiculous at times.

Anyone who receives the MOH is an exception to that. All these dudes were through some serious shit to get their medal. On board my old ship the USS Iwo Jima there is a ceremonial room full of plaques commemorating every MOH recipient from the battle of Iwo Jima. Often times I’d find myself in that room waiting for a job to start and I’d read the citations. Each one is fucking insane. Imagine a plot for an action movie that Michael Bay would describe as being ludicrous. You can say what you want about the politics surrounding the conflicts these guys fought in but one thing you can’t deny is these guys went through some serious shit. If you don’t believe me think about a time when you were faced with a personal challenge. Once you have one in mind go to Wikipedia and search a MOH recipient and read their citation (I recommend Audie Murphy whose WWII exploits made Captain America’s look like a day at the country club). I’m willing to bet once you’ve done that your long day suddenly won’t seem so bad.

Let’s move on though before I get all weepy. When I was leaving I saw a kid wearing a pair of socks with Trump’s face on them sitting in a wheelchair. Despite his questionable fashion statement I initially felt bad for the kid. I assumed his parents were anti-vaccers and he had contracted the nation’s only known case of polio. But as I was walking past he got up and appeared to be walking around with ease. What a shit! At that moment any pity I had for him was gone and I immediately went back to hating him for wearing those socks. In all fairness though I hate any kid schilling for a politician. If you’re 10 no one cares what you think (nor should they).

Speaking of clothing I just have one more thing to add before I wrap this up. As I’ve mentioned previously I’ve been to Arlington several times for work and nearly every time I’ve been taken aback by how some people dress while visiting. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a place of reverence and I’m always pissed off to see some bum skulking around in a shirt that doesn’t cover their fat gut or one that isn’t full of holes (I have witnessed both of these). I hate to outfit shame but if you can afford a trip to DC you can afford a $5 polo from Old Navy.


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