Well gang the big news from this past week is OJ Simpson being granted parole after serving 9 years of a 33 year sentence.

The OJ murder trial was the first news story I remember as a kid. When I was young my sister and I were pawned off on my grandparents during the summer while our parents were at work. Our parents would pick us up after work. Usually one of them would stop by and leisurely shoot the breeze with grandma while we gathered our things.

That was not the case on June 17, 1994. The old man showed up in a rush and got us in the car as quickly as he could. We were probably out the door in under 5 minutes which left no time for smalltalk with grandma.

In a scene reminiscent of what was going on thousands of miles west dad furiously drove across town.

Aside from glancing at a newspaper on occasion I don’t remember my dad following the news. He was riveted by the OJ chase though. Even at 10 years old I found this odd and not just because I had no idea who OJ Simpson was.

Nine years later I was laying in bed and the old man woke me up with news Saddam Hussein had been captured. This confused me more than his fascination with the OJ debacle. As I grew up I understood that (who could resist following that shit show) but the Saddam has remained a mystery. Pop isn’t what I’d call a hawk and I have my doubts if he could even find Iraq on a map. Maybe I should ask him.


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